Welcome to Makiki's House of Puzzles.

This is a website filled with various puzzles that I came up with - and this index page is the first puzzle of this collection. But before I will start dropping hints, here are some information about the puzzles themselves:

First, the solution to each puzzle here is a single English word. You should write your solution in the adress bar. For example, if the solution is the word "beginning", you would replace the "index.html" part with the "beginning.html" - or if the "index.html" part doesn't show up, append "/beginning.html", slash included.

Second, I will try my hardest to make these puzzles grounded entirely in logic. You shouldn't look for some cryptic references to popular media, or perform some ridicolous over the top interpretations - though knowledge of some other common puzzles may be useful at times. You also won't have to deal with stuff like image manipulation or viewing the source code of each webpage. I want these puzzles to be possible to solve even on phone, where I can't exactly expect you to, say, download a photo and increase the contrast. I may still use stuff like ASCII encoding and some cryptography basics though. For these you can just google for a proper converter. Sorry, I just need to have a way to encode a word in numerical form.

Third, you may get stumped on one puzzle. Feel free to ask for help, or solve the puzzles in collaboration with someone else - just don't try to look for the solutions directly.

As for the hint for this page's puzzle... well, I have already told you the solution. Just follow the example.